Ablution Unit-1 Hot FC5 TMV 230 V

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The Ablution Plant unit delivers hot water at the required safe temperature with the highest backflow protection. The primary application is bidets or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC or bidet. The unit can also be used for many other applications requiring hot water with Fluid Category 5 protection. Toiletry applications are strictly Fluid Category 5, requiring a point of use air gap from the mains water or building supply pipe. There is a duty of care to provide warm water at a safe temperature with suitable legionella controls in place. The Ablution Plant is packaged in a cabinet consisting of a Break tank with type AB air gap complying with BSEN13077: 2003, Booster Pump, Water Heater with thermostat and safety relief valve, Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV3, DO8), Controls, fittings and sound proofing.


Ablution hose adjacent to a WC; Bidets – ascending spray or with a flexible hose; Medical & mortuary tables; Veterinary & animal washing; Laboratories; Butchery

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Cistern Size 3.5 Litres
  • Inlet Size 15 mm
  • Max. Flow Rate 0.13 Lt/s
  • Outlet Size 15 mm
  • Powered Yes
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing an Ablution Plant unit – model BTHW-1 shall be installed – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The assembly shall provide hot water at a safe temperature via the integral Break Tank and Booster pump. The pump shall be continuously rated, feature brass wetted parts and be acoustically attenuated with anti-vibration mounts. The output pressure shall be 1.7 bar @ 0.10 Lt/s and a closed valve head of 2.2 bar. The unit shall be housed in a powder coated steel cabinet which shall be mounted on a wall at a serviceable height. The unit shall incorporate a 10 Lt Water Heater and the thermostat shall be to set to 62oC and blended with an adjustable Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV3). The outlet temperature shall be adjusted on site to provide an outlet temperature of 38oC. A volt free BMS fault relay shall be provided – model BTBMS3. The unit shall be acoustically attenuated with internal insulation. A 15 mm supply is required, which must maintain a dynamic pressure of 0.8 bar. The manufacturer’s flexible hose with servicing valve and strainer (supplied) shall be installed. The 22 mm overflow and 15 mm Safety Relief Valve shall discharge in a conspicuous manner.

Data Sheets


bthwdatasheet-4.pdf (612.50 KB)


Installation Guide

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Additional Information



Approval Certificate

BTHW-2211706.pdf (164.71 KB)