Arrow Academy has launched

We are always keen to share our expert knowledge and product innovation


This month was our first ever Arrow Academy event. Our technical CPD seminar was delivered by Adrian Reeve, our Technical Director`, who has over 10 years’ experience in the water industry, and has delivered numerous external seminars, but we were very excited to host our first internal event.

As well as attending our CPD seminar, our delegates were able to meet our friendly team, to have a tour of our factory to see the manufacturing in action, and to see a demonstration of our products, to get a sense of how they really work. We did some networking over lunch here at our premises.

We were delighted with the outcome of the day, and we feel that the feedback received reflected our positive views. 100% of delegates rated their overall experience at Arrow Academy either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, and 100% of delegates would be ‘Very Likely’ to recommend Arrow Academy to others.

“UK Manufactured, WRAS Approved and good technical help – a perfect recipe for hassle free plumbing” – Attendee 14.09.16
“Keeping up with Water Regulations and WRAS Approvals makes a product obviously with quality, worth taking time out & specifying for the future” – Attendee 14.09.16
“The seminar attended was both useful and informative with respect to the application of WRAS Regulations and the use of their extensive product range” – Attendee 14.09.16
“Highly encourage PH Engineers to take this seminar on the passion for backflow devices” – Attendee 14.09.16

Following the success of our first event, we would love to welcome you next time. Please visit our seminar page for more details, and for upcoming events.

Water Regulations Solutions: Safe and Protected Hot Water

Our Ablution Unit delivers hot water at a safe temperature, with the highest level of backflow protection


Through many different types of building, there is a growing need to provide international toiletry facilities. The Ablution Plant helps with Muslin Qadaahul Haajah requirements, and also forms part of the performance of Wadhu (Ablution for Prayer).

Under the current Water Regulations, toiletry applications would be considered a Fluid Category 5 risk – and therefore requiring an air gap to protect the water supply. Our Ablution Plant prevents contamination, delivering hot water with the highest level of backflow protection.

Toiletry applications are considered to be a Fluid Category 5 risk

The primary application for the Ablution Unit is bidets, or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC. The unit is completely packaged in a cabinet, featuring:
* Break Tank with a Type AB air gap, for the Fluid Category 5 protection * Booster Pump * Water Heater, complete with thermostat and safety relief valve * Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV3, DO8).  The heater and the TMV ensure the water is delivered at a safe temperature – the heater is factory set at 62°C to prevent legionella bacteria and the TMV blends down to 38°C to prevent scalding.

There are now several optional upgrades available – for example:
* An additional cold water outlet with Fluid Category 5 protection *  A remote thermostatic mixing valve, if the pipe run is to be greater than 5 metres.
The Ablution Unit now also features a lift off door, making it easier for maintenance, and saving space.

Our Ablution Unit delivers safe and protected hot water

This WRAS approved unit is quiet (at approx. 40 dBA @ 1 m), is fully automatic, and can be installed without the need for on-site commissioning.

Please visit our product page or contact us for more information

Water Regulations Solutions: Bin Store Wash Down

Our BTMIDI-3A is suitable for single tap, Fluid Category 5 applications: helping you to conform to the current Water Regulations


The minimum level of protection for a hose union tap in a house garden or similar domestic application is a Double Check Valve for Fluid Category 3. By default, all commercial hose union taps are Fluid Category 5. This is a recognition that in some non-domestic situations, the fluids that are at risk of being present will be a more serious health hazard.

A recent revision to the Water Supply Industry Interpretations and Advice now states that all hose union taps and hoses used in bin stores are considered to be a Fluid Category 5 risk – unless a risk assessment by the relevant water undertaker determines otherwise. This means that the default level of backflow protection required would need to be for Fluid Category 5 – by means of an air gap.

As manufacturers of products that are specifically designed to conform to the current Water Regulations, we at Arrow Valves have a solution – a compact, wall mounted unit, in a stainless steel enclosure with a small break tank to provide the Fluid Category 5 protection, and a booster pump to provide suitable pressure to the outlet.

The BTMIDI-3A (pictured) provides a flow rate of 0.3 l/s which is generally what a 1/2″ hose gun would require, which makes it perfect for bin-store wash-down. This unit can also be supplied with a GRP wall enclosure and frost protection wiring, which means that this can be installed externally, or in unheated locations.

For technical literature, datasheets and downloads, please click here. For further information, or to request a quotation, please fill in our contact form, or give us a call. We also have a series of Water Regulations Tutorials available, as well as a list of Water Authority contacts – please click here for further information.