Protect your lab taps

Improved DC Pipe Interrupter: For use with laboratory taps


Our model DC15F257 Pipe Interrupter was specifically designed to be installed on the outlet of a laboratory tap that has the removable nozzle taken off, providing the highest level of protection against back siphonage, as required under the Water Regulations.

This model now has an integral clutch mechanism, which locks the device in place once fully screwed on. This makes it much more secure and prevents any chance of it from being removed after installation – ensuring the Fluid Category 5 protection is always in place.

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December 2019

Donation to “The TOY Project”


Sustainability is very important to the Arrow Valves

For Christmas this year, we’ve sent e-cards instead of traditional paper cards, and have donated £1,000 to ‘The TOY Project’ instead.

‘The Toy Project’ helps children deal with their grief through play – providing toys for use by organisations involved with child bereavement.

Each year in the UK over 20,000 children under the age of 18 experience the death of their mother or father– around 60 young people bereaved of a parent every day.

We know that ‘The Toy Project’ will put our donation to good use. This charitable organization provides toys for children in hospitals and hospices, children in refuge centers, and they provide toys for schools and nurseries and to vulnerable families.

For more info please head over to