“Nothing is ImpossiBall” – Arrow Valves overcoming adversity

The event raises over £3,770 for The TOY Project


We celebrated our 20th year of trading in April 2019 – a milestone that was very much in question following the sad and sudden death of our founder over 5 years ago.

A glamourous charity ball was held at the Grove hotel in Watford, featuring dance acts performed by the ladies in the Arrow office, most of whom have never performed before, a presentation by business speaker turned comedian Marc Hogan, and a cake that was identical to Winston, the company bulldog, all added to theme of the evening, proving that anything is possible!

One guest commented that it was “a stunning venue, fantastic entertainment, the best cake I have ever seen and such a wonderful company to spend the evening with comprised of a team with such a unique bond and togetherness that can only be admired.”

A total of £3,777.00 was raised for the Charity by means of generous donors, sponsors and a silent auction, and all these funds will make a huge difference. The TOY Project collects used and unused TOYS and gives them to children who need them, including those bereaved of a parent, or children is hospitals, hospices or vulnerable children.


Sealed Systems



A Pressurisation Unit is required to keep a sealed heating system pressurised and protect the mains water from contamination.

In order for a heating system to work correctly, the pressure needs to remain constant.

If the system pressure drops (this could be due to a small leak or bleeding a radiator), the Pressurisation Unit will detect this and automatically top up the system with water.

The Pressurisation Unit tops up the heating system with mains water, so the correct level of Backflow Protection needs to be in place to protect the mains supply from contamination.

All of Arrow Valves Pressurisation Units have built in Backflow Prevention devices suitable for either commercial or domestic systems.



We have complete confidence in our expertly engineered products and hope our new 5 year warranty will extend this confidence and trust to you, our customers.


WE’RE COMMITTED TO YOUR PEACE OF MIND… with our Arrow Service & Support

All our new expertly engineered products are backed up by a 5-year warranty.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standard and are factory tested and commissioned before they leave us, and we pride ourselves on the high standard of all our water solutions and offer robust systems that can stand the test of time.

As well as a 5-year warranty – we now offer on-site commissioning and additional annual service visits, to ensure that our units are performing exactly as they should.

The 5-year warranty can also be transferred to the owner of the building, where the unit is installed.

Our terms & conditions of the 5-year warranty can be viewed on the Arrow Valves website.

Contact our servicing department for more information on commissioning, service and warranty visits.



Introducing our new “Pent-A-Boost”

Continuous Product Development


We are firm believers in continuous product development and devote plenty of time ensuring that all of our products are the best that they could possibly be. We have improved an all-time customer favourite, our model Pent-A-Boost – compact domestic booster set.

Primarily designed for boosting water pressure for penthouse suites and other tall buildings, this unit requires minimal space for installation – e.g. stairwells, and will fit through a standard doorway.

We have anticipated and address the issue of stagnant water that can be associated with horizontal vessels, including the issue of potentially promoting bacterial growth by introducing a vertical flow through vessel.

We have introduced an automatic Bypass Valve as standard for all models, ensuring that water is always provided at mains pressure as a minimum, even in the event of planned or unplanned maintenance, or power failure.

We have listened to our customers and we know that some applications require higher pressure than we previously were able to supply, and so we have introduced higher pressure models. These now range from 1-10 bar at 1.0 l/s, and 1-8 bar at 2.0 l/s.

The new Pent-A-Boost is more efficient as we use IE5 motors in all of our pumps and all models we offer are variable speed.

All of this still within the same unique, compact footprint.

For more information, click through to the product page 0r contact us.


December 2018: Donation To ‘The Toy Project’

Merry Christmas from all of us, to all of you,


Here at Team Arrow, sustainability is very important to us.

For Christmas this year, we’ve decided to send e-cards instead of traditional paper cards, and have donated £1,000 to ‘The TOY Project instead’.

‘The Toy Project’ is a charitable organisation which helps children deal with their grief through play – providing toys for use by organisations involved with child bereavement. They provide toys for children in hospitals and hospices, children in refuge centers, provide toys for schools and nurseries and to vulnerable families.

Every year in the UK over 20,000 children under the age of 18 experience the death of a parent – that is around 60 children and young people bereaved of a mother or father every day. We know that ‘The Toy Project’ will put our donation to good use over the festive period.

For more info please head over to www.thetoyproject.co.uk


Arrow Valves have achieved ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013 certification

We received our registration certificate on 8th November 2018 following our successful independent audit.


Arrow Valves are delighted to announce that we are now ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certified. This certification applies to Information Security Management Systems and the processes, policies and procedures we have got in place.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard, set out by the International Organization for Standardization, establishing information security management within businesses. We received our registration certificate on 8th November 2018 following our successful independent audit.

This is an important milestone for us, as we continue to keep our commitment and responsibility of our organisation, customer and supplier data at the core of our business. If you would like any more information about us, or the standard, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Arrow Union – Charity Walk

It wasn’t a walk in the park for us!


The Arrow Valves Team absolutely love working as a team and challenging ourselves. In honor of our 20th year of trading – we knew we needed a challenge. We organised a 20 mile walk, for 20 years, between two of the directors houses along the Grand Union Canal – hence our aptly named “Arrow Union” event.

On Sunday October 7th, we kick started the day bright and early in the morning, with pastries and orange juice, and full of smiles and optimism! Those of you who have been to visit us, may remember that our office is close to the Grand Union Canal, and so after a pit-stop and snacks here, we were raring to go again.

This trek definitely wasn’t ‘a walk in the park’, and by the end of it, there were plenty of sore feet! However, each and every team member finished the walk, together, and we were thankful for a lovely hot meal at the end! We are immensely proud of each and every walker.

We raised a fantastic £836.00 for our charity of choice, the Toy Project (click to read more ) from our wonderfully generous sponsors, and as promised, Arrow Valves have matched that amount and sent a further £836.00 to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Although we’ve completed the walk, our just giving fundraising page will stay open until our 20 year party in April next year so we’re hoping to raise even more. Visit it today.


How to protect your outside tap: a look at the Water Regulations

Any outside tap must be protected by a double check valve as a minimum – but when would you need a higher level of protection?


Contamination: Outside Taps

An outside tap – regardless of risk – should be protected by a double check valve.

The additional of a hose pipe that could potentially be submerged in water (such as tanks, ponds, swimming pools or rivers), creates the risk of backflow and therefore contamination to the mains.

As a guideline:
Any hose pipe used in a domestic setting would be fluid category 3 and therefore protected by a double check valve within the thermal envelope of the building.

Due to the higher potential risk of the fluids used in a non-domestic setting, as a guideline any hose pipes here would be considered a fluid category 5 risk and you would therefore need a physical air break in the system.


Do Consider –

·         The water companies take a risk assessed approach, and depending on the application, this could be downgraded

·         The addition of any chemicals or pesticides would exacerbate the risk

·         Bin stores, regardless of location, are fluid category 5

·         Irrigation systems with porous hoses that use no chemicals are considered a fluid category 4 risk and can be protected with a DB Pipe Interrupter

·         Whilst it is important to use hand held spray guns with self-closing mechanisms to prevent waste and misuse of water, these do not protect against contamination, and appropriate backflow prevention devices must be installed

As manufacturers of backflow prevention devices, we have a range of products and want to help find a solution for every application. Call us today.


“Boost-A-Break” – more powerful than ever!

More power with the same small footprint for any Fluid Category 5 application


BOOST-A-BREAK: Model BTAB with break tank and pump set. Fluid Category 5 protection with higher than before set pressure to help no matter what your application. 

Our “Boost-A-Break” model break tank and pump set, with AB air gap for Fluid Category 5 now boosts higher than ever with our new additions to the range. Primarily for backflow protection, but now will the added ability to boost pressure to higher elevated areas or high-pressure applications.

All the new models are still light and compact and have the same exceptionally small footprint, for easy installation within any plant room.



The 1 litre/second model now goes up to 10 bar pressure, and the 2 litre/second model now goes up to 8 bar pressure. Look at the performance of the full range above and select the model for your project! Applications include washdown, healthcare water fittings (showers, dialysis machines) and laboratories… to name a few.




Arrow Valves donates BTMIDI-3A

We have donated one of our Fluid Category 5 units as part of the BBC special that will air later this year.


Arrow Valves Limited are delighted to support the BBC’s DIY SOS Special for the Grenfell community, as we have donated one of our BTMIDI-3A units.

The unit has been donated to as part of the mechanical equipment for the Dale Youth Boxing Club and North Kensington community centre.

The BBC project involves rebuilding a gym and a new community centre at the Grenfell site, for the local community to use.

If you are interested in viewing the BBC’s “DIY: SOS: Grenfell special”, the two episodes will air later in 2018.