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Water Regulations Guides and Resources

The Regulations consist of the actual “Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations “1999”, Schedules 1, 2 & 3, Government Guidance (G-Clauses) & Water Industry Clauses (R-Clauses); The first three are available free of charge. To obtain all four, together with clear colour illustrations you need to buy the Water Regulations Guide. The Regulations are the property of the government and are law.

We have a series of tutorials to assist designers and installers comply with the current Water Regulations. These include a number of practical solutions suggested for your consideration. Download them here today.

All information supplied by Arrow Valves Ltd is supplied in good faith but we do not take responsibility for errors or misleading comments. We advise you to read the whole of the Water Regulations and guidance. Consult the local water company for their advice and consent.

Please Click here for Water Regulations contacts from the various Water Companies.

BIM Library

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process for creating a computer generated 3D model of a building, detailing all the critical information of the equipment installed within.

Arrow Valves supply 3D models of our products that meet the required standards of BIM.    

Click the model to download your file. If you require 2D drawings call us on 01442 823123 or email your request to