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1/2" Pillar Standpipe

Tamperproof and inconspicuous Standpipe enclosure with removable Hose Union Tap for a hose pipe where the risk is Fluid Category 3. When closed, the Standpipe resembles a Pillar with all internal components including the tap outlet concealed. The hinged lid can be locked shut with the supplied key, ensuring the Standpipe is tamperproof. The removable tap outlet has a push-fit connection. Inserting the tap outlet into the tap body automatically opens the flow of water with one simple action. Once the tap outlet has been inserted, it is free to rotate to find the optimum position for the desired use. The Standpipe features a flange at its base for bolting to a horizontal hard surface. The stainless steel housing includes foam insulation, which provides some frost resistance. The Standpipe assembly features a Double Check Valve providing Fluid Category 3 protection. A servicing valve is also supplied and all serviceable components are accessible from the front.
Product Code: SPHUD
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Additional Information

Hose Union Products - Fluid Category Fluid Category 3
Hose Union Products - Installation Flange Mounted
Hose Union Products - Material Stainless Steel
Hose Union Products - Retractable Shelf No
Hose Union Products - Outlet Size DN15


The “Pillar Standpipe” incorporates a Double Check Valve (ED device) and is suitable for Fluid Category 3 applications – Retail parks; Schools & car parks; Private, residential & public gardens; Golf courses & bowling greens; Caravan sites; Garden centres (can be Fluid Category 4); Garages & vehicle washing (often Fluid Category 4); Marinas (often Fluid Category 5 for large craft)

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Specification Clauses

Where indicated on the drawing, a Pillar Standpipe with removable Hose Tap in a lockable stainless steel housing – model SPHUD - as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The overall height shall be 955 mm. The supply pipe shall be 22 mm Copper – model SPHUD15x22C. The assembly shall incorporate a servicing valve and Double Check Valve for Fluid Category 3 protection.