1/2″ Standpipe Double Tap Guard

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Double outlet permanent standpipe in tamperproof stainless steel enclosure, with two spherical type angled valves. Designed for installation in soft ground. Both hinged lids can be secured with a padlock, to prevent misuse or tampering. The STPG2 is designed for multiple use such as two hose pipes at allotments or the ability to fill a bucket / watering can whilst a hose pipe is left attached to the second tap. The heavy 2mm gauge stainless steel post houses foam insulation, which provides some frost resistance for the valves and supply pipe. The standpipe should be isolated and taps left open during potentially freezing conditions. An integrated drain tap is also provided. However to cope with overnight frost, special telescopic joints and springs allow for ice induced expansion, preventing damage. The supply pipe should be laid 750mm below ground. The standpipe features a double check valve (ED device) providing Fluid Category 3 protection. A servicing valve is also supplied and all serviceable components are accessible from the front.

The DN20 inlet Standpipe has a flanged base, suitable for bolting to a hard surface.

The DN25 and 22mm inlet Standpipes are for burying in soft ground.


Model SPTG2 incorporates a Double Check Valve (ED device) and is suitable for Fluid Category 3 applications.

Product Specification
  • Integral Servicing Valves DN15
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Retractable Shelf No
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a Double Outlet Permanent Standpipe shall be located in a tamperproof stainless steel housing – model SPTG2 – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The standpipe shall afford some frost protection with foam insulation, special telescopic joints and springs allowing for some ice-induced expansion. The unit shall incorporate a drain tap allowing the assembly to be drained during potentially freezing conditions. The supply pipe shall be 25 MDPE laid 750 mm below ground. The assembly shall incorporate a servicing valve and Double Check Valve for Fluid Category 3 protection. . Two weatherproof keyed alike padlocks shall be provided to secure the hinged lids – model SP35[1].

Amend as required
[1] Delete if not required or combination padlock available – model SPCP1

Data Sheets


sptgdatasheet-1.pdf (528.33 KB)


Installation Guide

sptgstandpipeommanual.pdf (414.03 KB)