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1/2" Standpipe Tap Guard Flange

Tamperproof outside hose tap in stainless steel enclosure, with spherical type angled valve and hose connector. The SPTG has a hinged lid, which can be secured with a padlock, to prevent misuse or tampering. The permanent short Standpipe features a flange at its base for bolting to a horizontal hard surface, such as flat roofs or concrete. The height from the outlet to ground complies with the Water Regulations and accomodates most buckets. The outlet is vertical and a hose can be fitted. The housing includes foam insulation, which provides some frost resistance. The Standpipe features a Double Check Valve providing Fluid Category 3 protection. A servicing valve is also supplied and all serviceable components are accessible from the front.
Product Code: SPTG
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Additional Information

Hose Union Products - Fluid Category Fluid Category 3
Hose Union Products - Installation Flange Mounted
Hose Union Products - Material Stainless Steel
Hose Union Products - Retractable Shelf No
Hose Union Products - Outlet Size DN15


Model SPTG incorporates a Double Check Valve (ED device) and is suitable for Fluid Category 3 applications. This low-level standpipe is specifically designed for roof-top installation for window cleaning and roof top watering applications- a hose can be

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Specification Clauses

Where indicated on the drawing, a Short Standpipe with Hose Tap in a compact stainless steel housing with mounting flange shall be bolted a flat surface – model SPTG - as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The overall height shall be 420 mm to accommodate a bucket as required. The supply pipe shall be 25 MDPE – model SPTG15x25 [1] . The assembly shall incorporate a servicing valve and Double Check Valve for Fluid Category 3 protection. When used to supply a porous irrigation hose, the manufacturer’s DB Pipe Interrupter and Hose Shield shall be provided – model DB20ILS15 [2] A weatherproof padlock with two keys shall be provided to secure the hinged lid – model SP35[3]. Amend as required 1] 20 MDPE – model SPTG15x20 or SPTG15x22 (22 mm compression) [2] Delete if not required. For 20 mm hose – model DB20ILS20 [3] Delete if not required or combination padlock available - model SPCP1