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1/2″ WaterPoint Standpipe

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Tamperproof Standpipe enclosure with Hose Union tap for filling of watering cans and buckets in areas where the risk is Fluid Category 3. The unit is similar to model SPED, with the addition of a retractable bucket shelf and increased height; facilitating access to the tap and accepting tall buckets. The bucket shelf retracts into the top cap when closed, thereby minimising the risk of injury. The sliding cover operates within its own foot print, is immune to swinging in the wind and is designed to prevent trapped fingers. The Standpipe can be supplied with a Self Closing Tap, in a place of Hose Union tap (SPWPSC). When closed, the Standpipe conceals the tap and hose connector. Tamper-proofing is acheived using the optional padlock. The Standpipe has two operating positions; mid position (front cover slides down to expose the Hose Union tap leaving the hose connection concealed) and lower position (front cover slides down further to provide an integral bucket shelf). The bucket shelf allows users to rest watering cans or buckets during filling. The hose can be left connected in all positions. A Padlock is required to secure the top (shut) and mid positions. The Standpipe features a Double Check Valve providing Fluid Category 3 protection and affords a good flow even in low pressure areas by virtue of high flow cartridges.


Fluid Categories 1-3 including- Filling buckets e.g. campsites; Filling watering cans e.g. cemeteries; Private, residential & public gardens; Retail parks; Golf courses & bowling greens; Caravan sites; Garden centres (can be Fluid Category 4); Marinas (of

Product Specification
  • Integral Servicing Valves DN15
  • Material Galvanised & Powder Coated Dark Green
  • Retractable Shelf Yes
Specification Clause

An external hose [1] tap shall be located in a 900 mm high tamperproof housing; comprising of a galvanised steel body, finished with a dark green nylon coating – model SPWP – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The unit shall feature a stainless steel retractable bucket shelf, which retracts into the top cap when closed. The unit shall be suitable for Fluid Category 3 protection and feature a low headloss Double Check Valve Assembly. When mounted in soft ground a hot dip galvanised pile shall be used with stainless steel fasteners. No below ground connections shall be made. The tap size shall be DN15 and inlet connection shall be suitable for 20[2] MPDE. A weatherproof keyed[3] padlock shall be provided.

Data Sheets


spwpdatasheet.pdf (628.59 KB)


Installation Guide

spwpstandpipeommanual.pdf (512.57 KB)


Approval Certificate

SPED-SPWP-2001739-2.pdf (2.37 MB)