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15 mm RPZ Assy c/w Cabinet Grey 300x300x150

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Mechanical backflow preventer, housed in a tamperproof cabinet, approved for protection against backpressure and back siphonage for Fluid Categories 1 – 4. RPZ Valves (BA devices) are acceptable to all water companies in the U.K. – when installed and used in accordance with the Water Regulations. The “Option B” RPZ valve assembly includes upstream and downstream isolating valves, strainer and non-return valve. Arrow Valves RPZ cabinets provide a tamperproof environment as required by the Water Regulations.


Quick fill heating systems non-house (see Autofill); Hose union taps – commercial, not cat. 5. (see SPBA); Clothes washing machines – commercial use; Dishwashers – commercial use; Sealed heating systems – non-house (see Autofill); Chilled water circuits and run around coils (see Autofill); Storage cisterns – without suitable air gap; Mini-irrigation systems with porous hoses; Wash-down hoses – not cat. 5; Water treatment plant – commercial; Vehicle washing plant / degreasing; Water softening – non ion exchange; Fire sprinklers with anti-freeze solutions; Food processing; Bottle washing; Brewery & distillation plant; Refrigerating equipment; Cooling water / foundries; Printing / photographic equipment; Underfloor heating (see Autofill); Dyeing equipment; Applications deemed to be Category 4 by water company

Product Specification
  • Powered No
  • Requires Annual Testing Yes
  • Size 15 mm
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a Reduced Pressure Zone assembly shall be installed – model BA – as manufactured and commissioned by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123. The installation shall comply with AIM 08-01 Issue 1 as available on the manufacturer’s web site. Full bore servicing valves shall be provided either side of the device. A fine strainer and a non-return valve shall be provided upstream of the RPZ valve to minimise discharge. The base of the valve must be 300 – 1500 mm above the floor and adequate access shall be provided for testing with a minimum 150 mm clearance above the valve. When installed in a Plant Room or similar tamperproof environment, the valve assembly shall be supported with proper brackets with the correct rear clearance. In other situations the assembly shall be housed in the manufacturer’s cabinet. A discharge pipe must be connected to the tundish and taken to a gully. Where the discharge is to be taken into a waste pipe, a waterless trap shall be used. The assembly must be commissioned prior to use in accordance with the Water Regulations.

Data Sheets


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Installation Guide

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