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536 PRV Gauge 0.5-6 bar Compression

The 536 Pressure Reducing Valve from Arrow Valves is designed to provide a constant outlet pressure despite varying inlet pressures. The outlet pressure is adjustable between 0.5 and 6 bar. The inlet pressure must be higher than the desired outlet pressure. The outlet pressure is factory set at 3 bar and adjustments can be made at any time by removing the tamperproof disc on top and inserting the hexagon key (supplied). Turn clockwise to increase the pressure. A pressure gauge is supplied with each PRV (DN65 has two gauges), which indicates the outlet pressure. This may be removed and a plug fitted (supplied) or a self-seal probe test point can be supplied. Two gauge ports are provided to allow right and left configurations. This direct acting PRV may be installed in horizontal or vertical pipes. Flat-faced unions enable the valve to be quickly installed and orientated and a range of connections is available to suit various pipes.
Product Code: PRVC536
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Additional Information

Pressure Reducing Valves - Integral Servicing Valves No
Pressure Reducing Valves - Pressure Outlet 0.5-6 bar
Pressure Reducing Valves - Pilot Operated No


Reducing excessive mains pressure; Controlling pump outlet pressure; Pressure regulation per floor; Water conservation.

Specification Clauses

Where indicated on the drawing, a Pressure Reducing Valve shall be fitted – model PRV536 - as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd - Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The PRV shall be direct acting and have an adjustable outlet pressure ranging from 0.5 – 6 bar and have a maximum supply pressure of 25 bar. The seat shall be stainless steel. The pressure drop from a nominal 4 bar shall be less than 0.8 bar @ 2 m/s pipe velocity. The design shall be of the removable cartridge type with integral 500 micron strainer. A pressure gauge shall be provided to indicate the downstream pressure. The body shall be DZR brass with solder union connections for secure connection to copper tube[1],[2]. Amend as required [1] The PRV shall feature full-bore DZR servicing valves to enable strainer to be cleaned [2] male union connections