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AB2 Shower Break Tank

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Miniature Break Tank with Type AB air gap providing Fluid Category 5 protection. This arrangement has been specifically designed to provide a simple retro-fit solution for bath shower hoses in healthcare applications. The polished stainless steel tank (cistern) is mounted to the ceiling or wall above the bath and intercepts the original shower hose. Warm water is supplied under gravity to the low resistance shower head and hose, which are supplied. The tank incorporates a compact float valve which optimises the pressure supplying the handset and prevents any overflow from the tank. Once the supply is shut – bath taps closed or diverted from shower – the tank will empty and thus avoid Legionella risks associated with storing warm water.The arrangement is intended for retro-fitting to baths with a shower hose requiring Fluid Category 5 protection. The efficacy is dependant on the height the cistern can be mounted above the in-use position of the shower head. 1 m head is generally considered to provide adequate performance for hair washing. Note – the performance is not comparable to a pressurised shower system but compliant and greatly superior to Type DC arrangements – see clause R15.10.1.


Nursing homes / hospital baths; Bidets; Toilets (WCメs); Veterinary

Product Specification
  • Cistern Size 2 Litres
  • Inlet Size 15 mm
  • Outlet Size 15 mm
  • Powered No
Data Sheets

Data Sheet

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