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22mm Comp AFL and ED DZR Assy Nickel c/w Lever

Double Check Valves can be used to prevent backflow from shower hoses. The AFL Valve c/w Double Check Valve (model AFLED) limits the flow of water according to the Flow Limiting Cartridge installed, balancing the flow of water to the hose and providing Fluid Category 3 backflow protection in a single fitting.
Product Code: AFLED22CL
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Additional Information

Water Conservation - Size 22 mm
Water Conservation - Flow Rate No
Water Conservation - Lever Operated Yes
Water Conservation - Integral Strainer No
Water Conservation - Backflow Prevention Yes


AFL Valves may be used on hot and cold water plumbing systems and clean chilled water for A/C fan coil units- not suitable for heating. Valves should be accessible and fitted at points of use. See AFL Cartridge Datasheet. Examples include- Wash Basin,

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Specification Clauses

Every water outlet or appliance shall have a combined Servicing and Automatic Flow Limiting Valve to automatically limit the flow of hot and cold water – model AFL - as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd - Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. A flow limiting cartridge[1] shall be installed through the side port - after fitting and flushing pipes in accordance with the BS6700 Table 3. The Cartridge flow rate shall be as indicated in the table below and a colour coded identity disc fitted after installation of the Cartridge. The valves shall be nickel-plated and fitted with a green aluminium arrow lever. [2,3] Every WC shall be fitted with an AFL Servicing Valve fitted with a strainer only cartridge (no flow limiter) in accordance with clauses G11.1 & R25.6 respectively. Insert as required [1] “incorporating a 260 micron strainer” [2] The valve assembly shall incorporate a double check valve assembly (ED device). [3] The valve assembly shall incorporate a single check valve assembly (EA device). Recommended Flow Rates - Based on BS6700 Appliance Lt/s Hand basin / Washbasin 0.13 Kitchen Sink G1/2" 0.17 Kitchen Sink G3/4" 0.25 WC Flushing Trough (per jet) 0.13 Shower – Single Feed (refer to “Equi-Flow”) 0.13 Bidet 0.10 Bath G3/4" 0.43 WC Cistern - 260 µm Strainer Washing Machine1 0.20 Dishwasher1 0.13 Note - 1. The manufacturer should be consulted for required flow rates