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15 mm AFL Valve Comp DZR Nickel c/w Lever

Quarter turn Servicing Valve with a ball capable of accepting an Automatic Flow Limiting Cartridge to limit the flow of hot and cold water according to its flow rate. A side port allows the Cartridge to be fitted inside the ball after the valve has been installed. Cartridges can be removed in service through the side port without draining the system. Knowing the maximum flow rate enables the designer to accurately size pipes, pumps, heaters and the supply system. Limiting the flow can save water and/or assist with balancing thereby preventing some appliances, at higher level or farther downstream, are starved of water. A colour-coded Identity Disc stating the flow rate and "Arrow Valves 01442 823123" is fitted to the knurled Plug to indicate the Cartridge inside. Valves should be installed, the system flushed and chlorinated before the Cartridges are inserted.
Product Code: AFL15CL
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Additional Information

Water Conservation - Size 15 mm
Water Conservation - Flow Rate No
Water Conservation - Lever Operated Yes
Water Conservation - Integral Strainer No
Water Conservation - Backflow Prevention No


AFL Valves may be used on hot and cold water plumbing systems and clean chilled water for A/C fan coil units- not suitable for heating. Valves should be accessible and fitted at points of use. See AFL Cartridge Datasheet. Examples include- Wash Basin,

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Specification Clauses

Every water outlet or appliance shall have a combined Servicing and Automatic Flow Limiting Valve to automatically limit the flow of hot and cold water – model AFL - as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd - Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. A flow limiting cartridge1 shall be installed through the side port - after fitting and flushing pipes in accordance with the BS6700 Table 3. The Cartridge flow rate shall be as indicated in the table below and a colour coded identity disc fitted after installation of the Cartridge. The valves shall be nickel-plated and fitted with a green aluminium arrow lever. 2,3 Every WC shall be fitted with an AFL Servicing Valve fitted with a strainer only cartridge (no flow limiter) in accordance with clauses G11.1 & R25.6 respectively. Insert as required [1] “incorporating a 260 micron strainer” [2] The valve assembly shall incorporate a double check valve assembly (ED device). [3] The valve assembly shall incorporate a single check valve assembly (EA device). Recommended Flow Rates - Based on BS6700 Appliance Lt/s Hand basin / Washbasin 0.13 Kitchen Sink G1/2" 0.17 Kitchen Sink G3/4" 0.25 WC Flushing Trough (per jet) 0.13 Shower – Single Feed (refer to “Equi-Flow”) 0.13 Bidet 0.10 Bath G3/4" 0.43 WC Cistern - 260 µm Strainer Washing Machine1 0.20 Dishwasher1 0.13 Note - 1. The manufacturer should be consulted for required flow rates