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Air & Dirt Remover – ADR551

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Air and dirt remover for simultaneous seperation and removal of air and impurities from heating and chilled circuits. Dissolved air is released as the fluid passes through the stainless steel mesh within the unit. Air bubbles form at these localised low pressure points and subsequently they float to the top of the chamber. An Automatic Air Vent is fitted to the top of the chamber, which releases the air to atmosphere. Converseley dirt falls to the bottom of the unit, having collided with the internal mesh, where it can be drained as required (except 22 mm).


Sealed heating circuits; Chilled water circuits.

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention No
  • Powered No
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing an air and dirt eliminator shall be installed – model ADR – as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The unit shall have female BSP with brass body. The Deaerator should be installed to a low pressure point in the system such as prior to a circulation pump, or where practical, towards to top of the system.

Data Sheets


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Installation Guide

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