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Automatic Waterstop Valve

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Automatic Waterstop Valve with chrome plated brass body, designed to protect domestic appliances from causing major leaks due to a ruptured hose. The device automatically shuts off the water supply to the appliance when it detects an excess flow of at least 0.3 litres per second. Washing machines and dishwashers require a regular water supply of approximately 0.2 litres per second. A leak fed at this flow rate can cause serious flood damage to a domestic property. The Automatic Waterstop Valve will stop the water supply in the event of a break/rupture to the hose or if it is completely detached from the line. The valve works with both cold and hot water and is suitable for use with washing machines, dishwashers and plumbed fridge freezers.


Washing Machines; Dishwashers; Plumbed Fridge Freezers; Timer Irrigation Systems

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention No
  • Integral PRV No
  • Size DN20
Data Sheets


waterstopdatasheet-3.pdf (566.44 KB)