Arrow Taps Launch!

Here at Arrow Taps we are excited that our brand new website has gone live.

We have been manufacturing a number of plumbing products in the UK for many years, but our outside taps felt special and like they deserved their own dedicated space.

All of our taps are designed to make a discrete statement and would be the perfect addition to any modern garden. The whole product range compromises of many useful features including extra security, ease of installation and a degree of frost resistance.

Please feel free to take a look around and familiarise yourself with our website and our taps.

Peace of Mind protection – against contamination to your drinking water supply

Backflow is where the contents of your hose can get back into your drinking water. A hose left connected to a garden tap could potentially become submerged in water at ground level. As a result, dirty water could potentially siphon back into the water system, contaminating the drinking water supply.

In order to protect the drinking water supply in your home from contamination due to backflow,) a Double Check Valve is supplied with all of our taps. The Double Check Valve prevents backflow, as it only allows water to flow in one direction.

To meet the requirements of the Water regulations (which are law), all hose union taps in domestic gardens are to be fitted with a Double Check Valve.