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Safe hot water with Fluid Category 5 protection! 

The Ablution Unit ( Model BTHW) delivers hot water at the required safe temperature with the highest back flow protection.


The primary application is bidets or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC or bidet. They can however also be used for many other applications requiring hot water with Fluid Category 5 protection. Examples of these are, Medical and mortuary tables, veterinary & animal washing, laboratories and butchery.

There is a growing need to provide international toilet facilities. Public buildings such as hotels, educational facilities, hospitals, healthcare, government buildings and factories frequently cater for multi-cultural use The BTHW provides safe hot water to douche hose, enabling users to hygienically clean themselves and fulfil cultural obligations.


It is important to note that toiletry applications are strictly Fluid Category 5, this means they require a point of use air gap from the mains water or building supply pipe.


The unit automatically switches on when a pressure drop is detected. The pump has a “soft start” feature which avoids water and electrical surges and consists of a Break Tank with type AB air gap, a booster pump, a water heater and thermostatic mixing valve.

This KIWA approved product is is also backed up by our 5 year warranty (subject to terms and conditions).


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