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How to Book, Types of Visit, and more!

The Arrow Valves Servicing Department offer breakdown, commissioning and annual servicing of our equipment; these visits will take place Monday-Friday within work hours.  If early site inductions are required, we will try our best to accommodate that as well.

To book in a service visit, we ask that a service request form is completed and returned to us.  The completed form will contain all the information we need to book in the visit; this includes an invoicing address, site address, model and serial number of the unit, and the type of service that’s required.  The form for booking in an RPZ Valve commission is slightly different and does require some additional information, but if you make us aware that the visit is for an RPZ in the initial request, the correct form can be sent over.

The lead time for getting an Engineer to site can vary based on the location of the site and how busy we are, but we try and book visits in within 1-2 weeks from receipt of the completed form.  Obviously if a call out is urgent, we will try to attend as soon as possible.  We have an in-house Engineer called David, who attends sites up to 100 miles radius of our office in Hertfordshire.  We also work with multiple subcontractors who can attend sites nationwide on our behalf; they have received training on our products, and we trust them to provide the same high standard of servicing as we would if we were to attend.

The price of a service visit for a single unit is £300. If a site has multiple units, we charge £300 for the first unit and then £130 for each additional unit that requires servicing.  This pricing structure also applies to on-site commissioning of our units as well as the commissioning of RPZ Valves.

If during the service our Engineer finds that a replacement part is needed, this will be fitted and charged as extra, but authorisation will be asked for on-site before this is completed.

The first type of service we offer is on-site commissioning which is recommended if there is a long period of time between a unit being ordered and it being switched on for use.  All of our products are manufactured to a high standard and are factory tested before they leave us, but on-site commissioning will ensure that the unit has been installed correctly and is meeting our customers, or even your customers, requirements.

Our engineer will attend site, carefully check the unit over and then provide a singed certificate to confirm the unit is functioning as it should be.

The next service we offer is annual servicing.  Despite our units being reliable, water quality and infrequent use are damaging to efficient operation and can lead to premature problems.  Our annual service will check that the equipment functions as it should, that all the essential parts are free from debris, and any parts that are showing early signs of failure will be replaced.

You can book annual servicing as a one off “check-up”, or it can be booked as part of our Service Contracts.  They are available as a one year rolling contract, or as a three or five year contract. With a three year contract there will be 5% discount, and with a 5 year contract there will be a 10% discount from the standard prices I discussed earlier in the video. With any contract, spare parts used will get an automatic 10% discount.

Once set up, myself or someone else from our service team will contact you a month before the annual service is due and arrange a convenient date for the visit.  We recommend taking out a Servicing Contract because regularly servicing a pump will improve performance, increase the lifespan of the unit and parts within it, and give you peace of mind!

If in the unlikely event that one of our units goes into fault, we can send an Engineer to rectify the issue and a call-out charge of £300 will apply; again, this doesn’t include any parts that may be required.  If the unit is still in warranty, the cost of the visit will be covered, but we will need the serial number to confirm the age of the equipment.

All of our units manufactured after July 2017 have a 5 year warranty.  Subject to the service request form being completed, we will visit the site to investigate and rectify the fault. Some issues however are not covered by warranty – these include the pump seizing or parts being blocked by dirt or debris; these issued wouldn’t be covered as they were caused by inactivity or a poor water supply, rather than a mechanical fault.  Our Engineer will be able to advise of this on-site.

After our Engineer has attended, a full report will be issued detailing the checks and tests that were completed on the unit. Any recommendations or notices for future consideration will also be included in the report.

Finally, I am going to talk about RPZ Valves and the requirements for commissioning them.  It is a legal requirement to get an RPZ Valve (or BA device) commissioned upon installation and then tested annually after.  The same requirements also apply to units that contain RPZ Valves, such as our “Autofill” pressurisation unit. The valve must be tested by an Accredited Tester, this means that they are qualified and approved by the Water Supplier as being competent to test.

As mentioned previously, we would need a completed test request form sent to us to book in the commissioning.  Additionally, we would need a letter of consent from the relevant water company (e.g. Thames Water) before we are able to attend site.

Once our Engineer completes the test, you will be left with a signed RPZ test certificate which confirms the valve has passed.  We will leave a hard copy on-site, and also send a copy to the relevant water company so they know the valve has passed the annual commission.

To summarise…
We offer on-site commissioning, annual servicing, service contracts and breakdown call-outs – these can be booked by completing a service request form.

Our call-out charge is £300 and the lead time for getting an Engineer to site is 1-2 weeks. In emergencies, we will do our best to get an engineer to site ASAP.

It is a legal requirement to get RPZ Valves commissioned annually by an Accredited Tester.

If you need any further information or have any questions about the different services we offer, please feel free to contact myself by calling the Arrow Valves office, or you can contact the servicing department directly via email.