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Whilst Automatic Flow Limiting Valves are more expensive than an ordinary servicing valve, the AFL limits the flow and therefore saves water. This water saving can be used to illustrate a “payback period” for the valve.
Based on a cold tap, previously running at 0.25 l/s, when fitted with an AFL Valve and Cartridge 0.10 l/s, the payback period is only 31 days (assuming the tap runs for just 15 minutes per day). There is an additional energy saving when fitted to the hot tap as well – similar to the water saving – and therefore cutting the payback in half the time.
These can be used on the supply pipe to any 15mm and 22mm appliances, such as Hand Basins, Kitchen Sinks, WC Flushing Trough, Bidets, Baths, WC Cisterns, Washing Machines, and Dishwashers. We can also recommend the “Equi-Flow”, which is specifically designed for shower hoses – and ensuring even distribution. These can help to prevent any potential issues with the supply: too high an outlet pressure – which can cause splashing, or water starvation – one appliance using excessive water, whilst anything downstream or on a higher level is starved of water.
Our Equi Flow - Model AFLE - is designed for use with shower hoses
Pictured – “Equi-Flow” – Model AFLE, designed for use with shower hoses
The Automatic Flow Limiting Valves also meet the requirements of the Water Regulations as Servicing Valves – and these can be used as standard for all Servicing Valves. The cartridge can be omitted and fitted at a later stage if required. A different cartridge can also be inserted at any time in the future.
The Automatic Flow Limiting Cartridges range from 4 l/min to 26 l/min – a range of flow rates to suit a range of applications. These limit the flow by automatically varying the size of the orifice of the Cartridge. As the flow approaches the specified rate, the orifice contracts – like a camera lens. This regular flexing avoids any build-up of scale and allows smaller particles to pass through. The properties have been tested over 20 years and are stable up to 65°.
The Automatic Flow Limiting valves are WRAS approved – this helps you to meet the Water Regulations. These also qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance – Tax breaks for using energy saving equipment (4 l/min and 6 l/min only). Please see for further information.
If you would like further information on our Automatic Flow Limiting Valves, you can visit our product pages, or get in touch.