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One of the key features of the Category 5 Break Tank & Booster Sets we manufacture here at Arrow Valves Ltd is their compactness.

Our fixed speed units have a solenoid to fill at the same rate that they are supplying water allowing the units to be designed small enough to fit through a standard doorway. They are all supplied on a base plate just 500 x 400 mm, factory commissioned ready for installation.

These units are ideal for applications that are more suited to a Pump simply switching on (at Full Speed) and off. For example, a Category 5 unit supplying a single Hose Union Tap – the demand won’t vary like it would if there were multiple Taps, so a Fixed Speed Pump is more than adequate. The cistern has a screened overflow and weir, making it suitable for unorthodox applications, which require a “Hygienic Type AB air gap” – e.g. butchery and vegetable preparation.

The assembly is fully Water Regulations approved & complies with the requirements of the Water Regulations when installed and used correctly. To find out more, get in touch with us: 01442 823 123.

Visit the Fixed Speed Boost-A-Break page by clicking HERE.