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Contamination: Outside Taps
An outside tap – regardless of risk – should be protected by a double check valve.
The additional of a hose pipe that could potentially be submerged in water (such as tanks, ponds, swimming pools or rivers), creates the risk of backflow and therefore contamination to the mains.
As a guideline:
Any hose pipe used in a domestic setting would be fluid category 3 and therefore protected by a double check valve within the thermal envelope of the building.

Due to the higher potential risk of the fluids used in a non-domestic setting, as a guideline any hose pipes here would be considered a fluid category 5 risk and you would therefore need a physical air break in the system.
Do Consider –
·         The water companies take a risk assessed approach, and depending on the application, this could be downgraded
·         The addition of any chemicals or pesticides would exacerbate the risk
·         Bin stores, regardless of location, are fluid category 5
·         Irrigation systems with porous hoses that use no chemicals are considered a fluid category 4 risk and can be protected with a DB Pipe Interrupter
·         Whilst it is important to use hand held spray guns with self-closing mechanisms to prevent waste and misuse of water, these do not protect against contamination, and appropriate backflow prevention devices must be installed
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