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We are firm believers in continuous product development and devote plenty of time ensuring that all of our products are the best that they could possibly be. We have improved an all-time customer favourite, our model Pent-A-Boost – compact domestic booster set.
Primarily designed for boosting water pressure for penthouse suites and other tall buildings, this unit requires minimal space for installation – e.g. stairwells, and will fit through a standard doorway.
We have anticipated and address the issue of stagnant water that can be associated with horizontal vessels, including the issue of potentially promoting bacterial growth by introducing a vertical flow through vessel.
We have introduced an automatic Bypass Valve as standard for all models, ensuring that water is always provided at mains pressure as a minimum, even in the event of planned or unplanned maintenance, or power failure.
We have listened to our customers and we know that some applications require higher pressure than we previously were able to supply, and so we have introduced higher pressure models. These now range from 1-10 bar at 1.0 l/s, and 1-8 bar at 2.0 l/s.
The new Pent-A-Boost is more efficient as we use IE5 motors in all of our pumps and all models we offer are variable speed.
All of this still within the same unique, compact footprint.