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“BOOST‐A‐BREAK”: So small you can carry it through a door…

“Boost‐A‐Break” model BTAB provides Fluid Category 5 backflow protection in accordance with the latest Water Regulations. This compact Break Tank is supplied on a base plate just 500 x 400 mm, factory commissioned ready for installation.

The Booster Set is available with fixed or variable speed pumps in a range of configurations to suit your application; single pump, duty standby (one pump runs at a time) and duty assist (both pumps run simultaneously as required). The size of the integral tank increases for the higher performance units, but the footprint remains the same. The smallest single pump unit has a maximum flow rate of 1.2 Lt/s and an 18 Lt Cistern whilst the largest duty assist unit has a maximum flow of 3.7 Lt/s and a 100 Lt Cistern.

Pumps in this range are ideal for applications requiring a higher capacity unit such as multiple wash‐down taps, irrigation and laboratories.

For a single tap our “MIDI‐BREAK” sits in your lap…

Wall mounted “Midi‐Break” model BTMIDI offers an affordable compact unit with maximum flow rate of up to 0.28 Lt/s and a 3.5 Lt Cistern for lower demand applications.

Applications include a single waste bin washing tap, sinks with hoses, clothes / dish washing machines and showers in healthcare premises.