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Make sure you’re not left in the cold this winter – with our smart “Midi-Fill®” Digital Pressurisation Unit. You’ll be able to avoid the cost and disruption of a heating system shut down with the self-test monitoring system that alerts of any pressurisation faults before the system is shut down.
This unit offers comprehensive BMS controls and a digital display. The “Midi-Fill®” Digital Pressurisation unit can legally fill and pressurise “non-house” systems as it offers Fluid Category 5 protection with the built in AB Air Gap. As the unit does not comprise of an RPZ Valve – no annual testing is required. The “Midi-Fill®” Digital will pay for itself in just two and a half years – with no costs associated with commissioning. 
Other features include an anti-seize pump and daily pulse, high and low pressure cut-outs, a water meter with excess filling alarm and a pressure transducer for accurate filling.

Why do I need a Pressurisation Unit?

A Pressurisation Unit is required to keep a sealed heating system pressurised and protect the mains water from contamination. In order for a heating system to work correctly, the pressure needs to remain constant. If the system pressure drops (this could be due to a small leak or bleeding a radiator), the Pressurisation Unit will detect this and automatically top up the system with water.
The Pressurisation Unit tops up the heating system with mains water, so the correct level of Backflow Protection needs to be in place to protect the mains supply from contamination. All of Arrow Valves Pressurisation Units have built in Backflow Prevention devices suitable for either commercial or domestic systems.