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…introducing our brand new Filling Standpipe – our Standpipe Assembly with an integral break tank with an AB Air Gap, making it suitable for Fluid Category 5 backflow protection.
This standpipe is designed for filling Fluid Category 5 applications, providing water under gravity, where there is no option for a power supply for an electrical pump.
Primarily designed for boat filling, but perfect for other category 5 applications where a DC pipe interrupter just won’t suffice, you will only need your cold water inlet pipe to run this standpipe.
Unlike traditional Standpipe Assemblies that usually come complete with a double check valve, you won’t need to install any additional Fluid Category 5 backflow protection device on the supply to this standpipe.
If you’re interested in this model or want information on the full range of Fluid Category 5 backflow prevention devices, such as our “Midi Break” for bin store wash down, please visit our Fluid Category 5.