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The BTAF range from Arrow Valves is used to boost the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required. The performance / compactness ratio often enables the unit to be installed in a ground floor cupboard rather than a full-size plant room.

These are a domestic Cat 4 unit and can be used for drinking water. Much like our BTAB units, we have Fixed Speed, Variable and Variable Dual so we have one to suit every situation!


Types we offer:

  • Fixed speed BTAF: 1 – 6 bar, fast filling cistern, up to 1.0 Lt/s output.
  • Variable speed BTAF: 1 Lt/s, up to 10 bar and 2 Lt/s up to 8 bar. Variable speed features an integral Bypass Valve.
  • Variable Speed Dual Pump/ Duty Standby BTAF: Only one pump runs at any one time. The pumps alternate on a daily basis to avoid stagnation and ensure even use.
  • Variable Speed Dual Pump/ Duty Assist BTAF: Duty assist allows the second pump to automatically switch on when required, thus doubling the output, up to 4 Lt/s. Alternate starting avoids stagnation and ensures even use.


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