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Backflow prevention devices must be fitted at all points of use as stated in paragraph 15 of the Water Regulations guide, “every water system shall contain an adequate device or devices for preventing backflow of fluid from any appliance, fitting or process from occurring”. So, what are some of the units we offer specifically for Fluid Category 5 protection?


Our BTMIDI is ideal for point of use protection, it’s the smallest unit on the market. These units are a wall mounted break tank and pump assembly intended for light industrial use.We have 3 models available with differing flow characteristics. For waste bin washing we recommend the BTMIDI-3A. They are also suitable for serving hose outlets, we recommend 1 unit per outlet.

For larger systems, or where the Water Company has allowed zonal protection to feed several outlets, our BTAB range is ideal. From 0.5 – 4 l/s, 1-10 bar single or dual units.



o serve more than one outlet our BTAB Fixed speed units are capable. These units boost the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required. An example of this would be a wash down. We also have Variable speed units, Duty Standby & Duty assist. Duty Standby units have two pumps that alternate on a daily basis to avoid stagnation. One pump runs at one time. Our Duty Assist units allow the second pump to automatically switch on when required, thus doubling the output.


Hot water becomes a problem for Fluid Category 5 as any stored water will cool in the storage tank and need to be discharged. The solution for this is to have dedicated water heaters for point of use protection. The BTHW Ablution unit, this unit delivers hot water at the required safe temperature with the highest backflow protection. The primary application is bidets or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC or bidet.


All our units are either WRAS or KIWA approved meaning the meet the requirements of Regulation 4 as stipulated in the Water Regulations 1999.