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As the UK’s lockdown is being gradually eased after almost ten weeks, a number of pump sets on commercial sites would have sat idle for this period of time. Once it is safe for us to resume working, there are three key checks we can perform to ensure that our units are working correctly, and prevent pump damage, potential flooding and using stagnant water.

– Check 1 – Seized Pump
If the pump has not been used for several weeks, there is a strong chance that it could be seized. The symptoms for this are a hot pump making a humming noise, and no water being delivered by the unit. If the pump is seized, the fan will need to be rotated to free the pump.

– Check 2 – Filling Mechanisms
It is important that the filling mechanism on our tanks, whether that is a solenoid or float valve, are switching on and shutting off correctly. A constantly filling device will result in the tank overflowing and a potential flood risk. If the device won’t shut off, it should be removed and cleaned.

– Check 3 – Stagnant Water
During the lockdown, which has had predominantly warm weather, water would have been sat unused in tanks and connecting pipework. This water could be a Legionella risk and unsafe to use. It is important to ensure tanks are clean and any stagnant water is flushed from the system before use.

Please contact us if you require any further information on the checklist, or if you would like us to attend site and perform the checks for you.