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DC Pipe Interrupters provide Fluid Category 5 back siphonage protection (vacuum on the supply). DC Pipe Interrupters are intended for open outlet applications (e.g., urinal flushing). Negligible restriction should exist downstream otherwise water would discharge out through the vent holes.

The new Water Regulations allow approved DC Pipe Interrupters to be used for Fluid Category 5 Applications.

Model DC15C257 is primarily for urinals – enabling flushing directly from the mains supply. Traditional flushing cisterns are not required.
Model DC15F257 can be fitted to most standard laboratory taps that have a removable nozzle with a ½” BSP thread.
Model DC20F257 fits to an outside tap.  A short (600 mm max) unrestricted hose can be fitted for washing chemical toilets and similar Fluid Category 5 applications.
Model DC20FM257 has a 3/4″ male outlet.

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