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Chemical/TCP tastes can sometimes be caused by the hose which connects your dishwasher or washing machine to the water supply.

If there’s an increase in your water pressure, the hose can expand. When the pressure drops again, the hose collapses and this can send water back into your pipes, which can mix with the water coming to your taps.

This can be resolved by fitting a non-return valve such as the EB20FM235 to the pipe on your dishwasher or washing machine.

So what does this do? It will ensure any water that’s been in contact with the flexi-hose won’t come back into your water supply giving it a nasty taste and also meeting the requirements of the Water Regulations.

For full detailed Water Regulations compliance information, specifically relating to Washing Machines and Dishwashers, please check out our specific Water Regulations Tutorial on the subject below. 👇

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