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There are two words that no one ever wants to hear…
“Flood Damage.”
A ruptured hose for a washing machine or a dishwasher could potentially cause thousands of pounds worth of damage – not to mention the time spent clearing the problem, and the personal possessions that are lost!
Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers would require a regular water supply of approximately 0.2 litres per second, and a leak fed at this flow rate can cause serious damage to a property.
Arrow Valves introduce the “Automatic Waterstop Valve”, specifically designed to protect domestic appliances from causing major leaks due to a ruptured hose. This device will automatically shut off the water supply to the appliance when it detects an excess flow of at least 0.3 litres per second – in the event of a break or rupture to the hose, or if it is completely detached from the line.
This valve works with both cold and hot water, and is suitable for use with washing machines, dishwashers and plumbed fridge freezers.
The Automatic Waterstop Valve prevents the problem before it can even occur, protecting your white goods, your possessions and your home, and you can ensure “flood damage” are two words you don’t have to hear!
Please visit our product page here for technical data and to purchase this valve.
The Automatic Waterstop Valve has a female inlet and male outlet. This configuration is ideal for washing machines and dishwashing machine hoses.
Warning: The Waterstop safety device will not work with water mains pressures below 1 bar.