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Be a “pillar” of society and comply with the Water Regulations.
Did you know that a broken 1/2″ tap can consume in excess of £70 of water per day?
Safeguard your water supply with our new lockable Pillar Standpipe.
When closed, all internal components, including the tap outlet, are completely concealed, ensuring a neat and secure installation that is completely tamperproof.
The unit features a Double Check Valve, providing Fluid Category 3 protection as required by the Water Regulations.
Internal insulation prevents tap fractures during frost and subsequent leakage.
Operating this standpipe is easy – inserting the tap outlet into the tap body automatically opens the flow of water with just one simple action. The tap outlet is also free to rotate to the optimum position for use.
Resembling a Pillar, this Standpipe Assembly is perfect for providing water to public spaces, such as retail parks, car parks, schools, gardens, caravan sites, golf courses and bowling greens.

The Pillar Standpipe is available to view on our website, or for further information, please contact us.