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Through many different types of building, there is a growing need to provide international toiletry facilities. The Ablution Plant helps with Muslin Qadaahul Haajah requirements, and also forms part of the performance of Wadhu (Ablution for Prayer).
Under the current Water Regulations, toiletry applications would be considered a Fluid Category 5 risk – and therefore requiring an air gap to protect the water supply. Our Ablution Plant prevents contamination, delivering hot water with the highest level of backflow protection.
Toiletry applications are considered to be a Fluid Category 5 risk
The primary application for the Ablution Unit is bidets, or ablution hoses adjacent to a WC. The unit is completely packaged in a cabinet, featuring:
* Break Tank with a Type AB air gap, for the Fluid Category 5 protection * Booster Pump * Water Heater, complete with thermostat and safety relief valve * Thermostatic mixing valve (TMV3, DO8).  The heater and the TMV ensure the water is delivered at a safe temperature – the heater is factory set at 62°C to prevent legionella bacteria and the TMV blends down to 38°C to prevent scalding.
There are now several optional upgrades available – for example:
* An additional cold water outlet with Fluid Category 5 protection *  A remote thermostatic mixing valve, if the pipe run is to be greater than 5 metres.
The Ablution Unit now also features a lift off door, making it easier for maintenance, and saving space.
Our Ablution Unit delivers safe and protected hot water
This WRAS approved unit is quiet (at approx. 40 dBA @ 1 m), is fully automatic, and can be installed without the need for on-site commissioning.
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