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More than just a Dosing Pot

Dose & Fill is a combined Pressurisation system with automatic dosing in a single, easy to operate unit. This WRAS approved product has been specifically developed to combat the growing costs and problems associated with sealed heating systems that are starved of inhibitor – flash corrosion, rusting radiators and sludge – to name a few.

The Dose & Fill saves space, eliminating the need for a traditional dosing pot. It also reduces labour and associated risks, as it negates the need for an operative to lift and pour chemical into a potentially hot dosing pot.

The top section houses a “Midi‐Fill” Digital Pressurisation Unit, and the lower half holds the 20 Lt chemical container, combining to take the guess work out of dosing the heating system.

Dose & Fill

Ideal for buildings dependent on reliable heating

“Midi‐Fill” Digital is an Advanced Pressurisation Unit providing Fluid Category 5 backflow protection for filling and pressurizing of “non‐house” heating or chilled water systems. Featuring:
* Anti‐seize pump and daily pulse * High and low pressure cut‐outs * Comprehensive BMS controls * Self‐test monitoring * Water meter with excess filling alarm * Pressure transducer for accurate filling

Cost and disruption associated with heating system shutdown are minimized as the unit executes a weekly self‐test with BMS alerts prior to failure.

The lockable display enables adjustment of cold fill, high cut‐out and excess water consumption values. Dose & Fill features a second digital display enabling inhibitor concentration to be set.

“Midi‐Fill” Digital and Dose & Fill are supplied fully assembled and tested and require no annual testing.