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Get to know our knowledgeable Service Team, (pictured left to right), Richard, David, Katie and Ricky. Richard is the Quality and Technical Manager overseeing the Servicing Department, David and Ricky are our Service Engineers and Katie is our Service Coordinator, the point of contact for organizing your service visit!


We are proud to maintain that our units are reliable and are backed up with a  5-year Warranty. However through poor water quality or infrequent use, problems can occur.

This is where we are here to help! Our annual service will include a thorough inspection of the unit and ensure that the equipment functions as it should. Regular servicing holds many benefits, reducing the likelihood of emergency call outs and downtime of equipment or the provision of sanitary water reliant on the Arrow unit.


We have even made it super easy for you to know when your unit is due to be serviced! You will be sent an Arrow Valves birthday card when your unit is either 1 years old or is due its annual service. All you have to do when you receive one of these is scan the QR code that will be provided and watch the short video explaining what to do!


Click here to view our Servicing web page and to get booked in today!