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Here at Arrow Valves, as well as researching and developing new products, we are committed to continually improving our existing product range where possible. It had become apparent to us that we would need to look into WRAS approval for the Polypropyline (PP) tank that was used as part of our packaged Break Tank units.
The existing Polypropylene (PP) tank that we have used on our Break Tank units for many years isn’t manufactured from a WRAS Approved Material. The existing tank is Kitemarked, something which WRAS previously accepted as part of their Approval process – however it is now a requirement that each non-metallic component must have an individual WRAS approval – regardless of being Kitemarked. We had the option of submitting the existing tank ourselves to WRAS, or designing a new, bespoke tank to suit our units and have it manufactured from a WRAS approved material.
We currently have our BTMIDI plastic tank Injection Moulded, however it was recommend that for the size of tank we were looking for, Rotational Moulding would be more suitable. The new tank was designed to have the same dimensions as the old tank, plus the raised float chamber used on the higher flow units, as this increases the capacity from 18 Litres to 24 Litres. The design drawings were initially sent across, the design of the tank was finalised, and a sample of the new tank was sent off before being signed off for production. This tank will be used for all of our BTAB, BTAF and AB18 units.
This new tank is manufactured from WRAS Approved MDPE, is designed specifically to suit our units and has a greater capacity of stored water than the previous tank. We’re looking forward to sharing all of these benefits with our clients.