Boost-A-Break® AB Air Gap Duty Standby

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Break Tank assembly with Fluid Category 5 protection by virtue of the integral Type AB air gap. The unit is supplied as a complete package on a base plate ready for installation. The primary purpose is to provide backflow protection in accordance with the new Water Regulations. The BTAB unit also boosts the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required e.g. wash-down. The cistern has a screened overflow and weir, making it suitable for unorthodox applications, which require a Hygienic Type AB air gap e.g. butchery and vegetable preparation. The unit is quiet by virtue of the centrifugal pumps, anti-vibration rubber feet and flexible stainless braided connection hoses.


Waste bin washing; Hose union taps – non-domestic; Wash-down – animals or any Fluid Category 5; Underground or surface irrigation – see HUBG; Laboratories; Baths in health care premises; Showers health care – see Care Shower; Sinks with hoses; Bidets; Bedpan washing; Vegetable washing; Butchery & meat equipment / Slaughterhouse; Clothes washing machines – healthcare premises; Dish washing machines – healthcare premises; Applications deemed to be Category 5 by water company

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Cistern Size 24 Litres
  • Powered Yes
Data Sheets


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Installation Guide

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Approval Certificate

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