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Branch PR Valve Solder Union

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The Branch Valve has been designed to specifically to comply with the Water Regulations. The assembly consists of a full-bore Servicing Valve and low headloss Double Check Valve. Flat-faced connectors allow direct connection to the pipe without the need for sealants or additional adapters. Normally Solder Unions (more reliable than compression) are used but connections to any pipe materials system are available. Flat-faced union connectors with EPDM washers allow the valve to be easily installed to new or existing pipes without the need to spring pipes apart. The unions enable the handle to be aligned and the assembly is demountable. Oversize, high-flow Cartridges provide exceptionally low head-loss characteristics. The Branch valve can be installed horizontally or vertically.


The main supply and distributing pipes serving several dwelling units such as in a block of flats where contaminated water might pass from one flat to another, industrial premises, schools, offices, hospitals.

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Integral PRV Yes
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a Branch Valve shall be installed – model BRV – as detailed in paragraph R15.24.1 of the Water Regulations Guide. The Branch Valve assembly shall comprise of a full bore DZR spherical servicing valve, [1] a low head loss DZR Double Check Valve and solder union connections as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123

Insert as required
[1] a pressure reducing valve c/w gauge,
[1] a secondary water meter,
[1] a pressure reducing valve c/w gauge and secondary water meter,