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Break Tank & Pump MIDI AB 230 V

Wall mounted break tank and pump assembly with Fluid Category 5 protection by virtue of the integral Type AB air gap complying with BS EN13077: 2003. The set is intended for light industrial use and is housed in a stainless steel cabinet ready for wall mounting in a frost free environment. The primary purpose is to provide backflow protection in accordance with the new Water Regulations. The Midi-Break® also provides cold water at a known outlet pressure. The unit is quiet since the pump is mounted on anti-vibration mounts with flexible stainless braided internal hoses. Automatic pump control is by means of a pressure vessel, industrial pressure switch and a flow sensor. This system provides reliable pump operation with the minimal amount of starts. The pump has a soft start feature, which avoids water and electrical surges. The pump is protected via low level float switch in the cistern.
Product Code: BTMIDI
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Additional Information

Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Max. Flow Rate No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Outlet Pressure No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Inlet Size 15 mm
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Outlet Size 15 mm
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Voltage 230 V
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Number of Pumps Single
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Cistern Size 3.5 Litres
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Powered Yes


Waste bin washing - use Midi-3A single tap only; Hose union tap - non-domestic - use Midi-3A single tap; Wash-down - animals or any FC 5 - see モBoost-A-Breakヤ; Sinks with hoses; Bidets - ascending spray - see Ablution Plant - BTHW; Vegetable washing; Butchery & meat equipment / Slaughterhouse; Laboratories; Clothes & Dish washing machines - healthcare premises; Instantaneous showers and heaters - care premises; Applications deemed to be Category 5 by water company

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Specification Clauses

Where indicated on the drawing a Break Tank & Booster Set – model BTMIDI-2A shall be installed - as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd - Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The output pressure shall be 0.17 lt/s @ 2 bar and a closed valve head of 3.1 bar. The unit shall be housed in a stainless steel cabinet which shall be mounted on a wall at a serviceable height. The internal cistern shall provide a type AB air gap. The cistern level shall be controlled automatically by a servo solenoid valve operated via stainless steel conductive electrodes and controller. A volt free BMS fault relay shall be provided – model BTBMS3. A low-level pump cut-out shall automatically reset once the cistern is sufficiently full. The pump shall be continuously rated, feature brass wetted parts and be acoustically attenuated with anti-vibration mounts. The 22 mm overflow shall discharge in a safe and conspicuous manner. A 15 mm supply is required, which must maintain a dynamic pressure of 1.0 bar. The manufacturer’s flexible hose with servicing valve and strainer (supplied) shall be installed.