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ByPass Valve Assembly – Odd Leg

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Automatic bypass valve assembly enabling the supply of mains water should a pump set fail. The assembly features a special low head-loss Double Check Valve assembly and four full bore isolating valves with unions. In service, the boosted water pressure is normally higher than mains and the Double Check Valve is closed. If the pumps fail (or are turned off for maintenance) water continues to the system at mains pressure, whcih is often sufficient to provide water for domestic purposes. Traditionally bypasses are considered a source of stagnant water and a backflow risk. However the Arrow Bypass Valve has minimal volume and the water is flushed either side by the flow to the cistern and from the pump. The assembly has four servicing valves on a single convenient manifold. Servicing valves are provided for: Incoming (mains), supply from pump, supply to pump set float valve, outlet to building.


Any booster pump set where the boosted supply is for domestic purposes or no higher than Fluid Category 3.

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Integral PRV No
Specification Clause

To provide water at mains pressure during pump servicing, an automatic Bypass Valve Assembly shall be installed – model BPV – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The assembly shall feature a low headloss double check valve and four, full-bore spherical servicing valves. Proviso – the application must not be Fluid Category 4 or 5.

Data Sheets


bpvdatasheet.pdf (1.27 MB)


Installation Guide

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