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C101 Pressure Reducing Valve, 2 Gauges, PN16

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The Socla C101 Pressure Reducing Valve controls and maintains a preset reduced outlet pressure despite varying inlet pressures. The outlet pressure is adjustable between 1.72 – 8.5 bar as standard – other ranges available. The setting of downstream pressure is always below the upstream pressure. The outlet pressure can be adjusted at any time by removing the tamperproof cover on the pilot valve and rotating the hexagon screw. Turn clockwise to increase the pressure. The C101 is pilot operated, which has many advantages over direct acting, including: accurate downstream pressure characteristics, compact with no large springs, controllable ancillary pilot valves control main valve. Two factory fitted pressure gauges are supplied with each PRV, which indicate the supply and outlet pressure. Gauge isolating valves are provided for extra security (use as drain tap with gauge removed). The valve can be installed horizontally or vertically. For horizontal installation, the cap of the valve should be oriented to the top and inclined at 45⁰ maximum. For vertical installation, the main spring of the valve needs to be changed (option PRVOPT7). A strainer should be installed upstream of the C101. Upstream and downstream Servicing Valves are strongly recommended to avoid draining for maintenance – e.g. resilient seat Gate Valves as supplied by Arrow Valves.

Product Specification
  • Integral Servicing Valves No
  • Pilot Operated Yes
  • Pressure Outlet 1.72-8.5 bar
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a Pressure Reducing Valve shall be fitted – model PRVC101 – as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The unit shall be a globe type pilot operated pattern and have an adjustable outlet pressure ranging from 1.72 – 8.5 bar and have a maximum supply pressure of 16 bar (PN16) or 25 bar (PN25). The seat shall be bronze. Two pressure gauges shall be provided to indicate the downstream pressure. The body shall be epoxy coated cast iron.

Data Sheets


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