Cistern AB Air Gap Wall Tray

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Cistern with Type AB air gap providing Fluid Category 5 protection. Supplied as a complete package, including stainless steel wall bracket – incorporating a drip tray. The primary purpose is to provide backflow protection in accordance with the Water Regulations. The cistern features a stainless steel screened weir slot complying with BS EN13077: 2008. The AB18 supplies water by gravity and is intended for applications where it is possible to mount the assembly sufficiently higher than the application – e.g. 5 m = 0.5 bar. Where there is insufficient head refer to – “Boost-A-Break” (BTAB) or “Midi-Break” (BTMIDI). The unit is relatively small and quick to install. Filling is via a 15 mm “Torbeck” compact float operated valve. All pipe connections are supplied.


Hose Union Tap – non domestic; Underground or surface irrigation – see HUBG datasheet; Applications deemed to be Category 5 by water company

Product Specification
  • Cistern Size 18 Litres
  • Inlet Size 15 mm
  • Outlet Size 22 mm
  • Powered No
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing a Break Tank with Fluid Category 5 type AB air gap complying with EN13077: 2008 shall be installed – model AB18 – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The assembly shall have an 18 litre nominal capacity cistern with a stainless steel mesh screened weir slot. The cistern shall be located in a stainless steel drip tray with integral bracket for wall mounting. The inlet shall have a 15 mm “Torbeck” compact float operated valve. The cistern shall be suitably elevated to provide adequate static pressure. The cistern outlet shall be 22 mm push-fit and 22 mm overflow should be connected to the drip tray.

Data Sheets


ab18datasheet-3.pdf (0.99 MB)


Installation Guide

ab18ommanual-1.pdf (704.72 KB)


Approval Certificate

2302800-AB18.pdf (104.10 KB)