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Vandal proof and frost resistant hose union tap, which is recessed into a wall. The tap seat is located 100 mm deep into the wall and therefore within the thermal envelope of the building, and is completely concealed. The outlet drains once the concealed tap is closed and hose removed, the unit is unlikely to freeze. A special key is supplied to extend the telescopic assembly and then the same key operates the tap. This hidden tap is suitable for any thickness of wall (the installer cuts the 15 mm copper tube to the required length. Walls or partitions less than 113 mm would result in the unit protruding behind the panel. The Conceal-A-Tap is ideal for standard cavity walls. The hose usually hangs down to avoid kinking; however the telescopic assembly also rotates to enable the hose to exit in any direction.


Concealed external hose union tap, which is recessed into a wall.

Product Specification
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Retractable Shelf No
  • Size 15 mm
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a concealed Hose Union Tap shall be installed – model HUC – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The tap shall be flush when closed and be extended using the key supplied. This key shall also be used to turn the tap on/off. An installation kit shall be supplied, including a Double Check Valve assembly (type ED) suitable for Fluid Category 3 protection, which should be installed inside the thermal envelope of the building. The required level of protection shall be determined by the local water supplier.

Data Sheets


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Installation Guide

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Approval Certificate

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