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DC Filler 230V

DC Pipe Interrupter Assembly with Solenoid Filling Valve provides Fluid Category 5 backsiphonage protection. The DC257SOL can be used for automatic filling of Fluid Category 5 applications, such as swimming pools. The device must not be used for any application that has a control valve or restriction downstream, otherwise water would ultimately discharge through the vent holes. The assembly includes a servicing valve with integral strainer and flow limiting cartridge. Filling is via a solenoid valve controlled by a sensor, such as the SEN108 for swimming pools (not supplied - see SEN108 Datasheet).
Product Code: DCSOL
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Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Max. Flow Rate No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Outlet Pressure No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Inlet Size No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Voltage No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Number of Pumps No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Cistern Size No
Fluid Category 5 / Booster Pumps - Powered No

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Specification Clauses

Every urinal shall be fitted with a DC Pipe Interrupter, suitable for Fluid Category 5 backsiphonage protection – model DC15C257 - as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The device shall be fitted at least 1 m above the urinal bowl. No valves or restrictions shall be fitted downstream of the device. Allowance should be made for some discharge to occur from the Pipe Interrupter’s vent hole. The installation shall be tested and adjustments made as necessary to avoid discharge from the vent hole. The body of the device shall be chrome plated brass with 15 mm compression connections.