DN15 Equi-Flow Shower Limiter

£11.20 £13.44 inc. vat


Automatic Shower Flow Limiter with integral variable orifice cartridge, which limits the flow of water according to one of three selected flow rates; 0.13 Lt/s (white), 0.1 Lt/s (black) or 0.17 Lt/s (blue). Fitted between the tap and hose “Equi-Flow” limits the amount of water to each shower, ensuring even distribution. This prevents some showers (e.g. on the ground floor) from receiving excessive flow whilst others (e.g. on the top floor) receive very little. Saves water and energy making it ideal for for multiple occupancy building such as hotels, flats and student accomodation. Easily installed; simply screw onto the inlet of shower hose. Supplied with rubber sealing washer.


Primarily intended for flexible shower hoses.

Product Specification
Specification Clause

Every shower head shall be fitted with an “Equi-Flow” Shower Flow Limiter to automatically limit the flow of water – model AFLE – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd Tel – 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The device shall incorporate a variable orifice flow limiting cartridge rated at 0.17 Lt/s (Blue). The body shall be chrome plated with a knurled ring.

Data Sheets


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