DN20 Single Check Valve F inlet – M Chrome

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Single Check Valves (type EB) with chrome plated brass body.
The female inlet type are primarily intended for backflow protection from flexible hoses and are usually fitted between the servicing valve (or tap) and a hose. The male inlet types are often suitable for fitting to a tap tail. Single Check Valves only provide Fluid Category 2 protection yet many applications in the UK are deemed Fluid Category 3 –
see ED235 range.
The Single Check Valve can be fitted to a washing machine hose (DN20) to prevent distasteful water contaminating the drinking (wholesome) water supply. Poor quality water from washing machine and dishwasher hoses is known to cause taste problems at the kitchen sink tap – use EB20FM235.
A Single Check Valve device can also be fitted to a hose to compliment a single check fitted to the tap supply, thereby providing Fluid Category 3 protection (type ED).
These valves can quickly be fitted. An EPDM washer is supplied with each device to facilitate fitting to flat-faced outlet.


Washing machine hose; Prevent mixing of hot and cold water in mixer taps; Upgrading an existing EB device to ED device.

Product Specification
  • Material Brass chrome plated
  • Size DN20
  • Test Points Non-Verifiable
Specification Clause

To avoid distasteful water from the hose every cold washing machine hose shall be fitted with a Water Regulations approved Single Check Valve – model EB20FM235 – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The pressure drop across the assembly at 1.5 m/s shall be less than 0.07 bar. The body shall be chrome plated brass with DN20 female inlet and DN20 male outlet.

Data Sheets


eb235datasheet-1.pdf (502.27 KB)


Installation Guide

ed_ebcheckvalveso_mmanual_56.pdf (125.28 KB)


Approval Certificate

1906374-EB235-3.pdf (404.41 KB)