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Hose Tap Box – 500 Copper Tube

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Compact wall mounted stainless steel box with spherical type tap and hose connection. The tap is foam insulated and therefore offers reasonable frost protection. The Tap Box has a hinged lid, which can be padlocked closed. A hose shield is available as an extra, which improves the frost protection and prevents unauthorised removal of the hose or DB Pipe Interrupter. The Tap Box is available to suit most configurations. Model HUTB is rear entry, where the copper tube supplied passes through the wall. This arrangement offers good frost protection since none of the pipe is exposed. The factory-fitted 500 mm length of copper tube is cut to length after installation. This model is also available in 22 mm, which has a larger tap and box, plus a higher flow rate and better frost protection. For new installations where at least 30 mm of copper tube is already protruding from the external wall, it is possible to fit the Tap Box model HUTB after removing the copper tube supplied.


Tamperproof and frost resistant external hose union tap, housed in a stainless steel box.

Product Specification
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Retractable Shelf No
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing, a Hose Tap enclosed in a compact stainless steel “Tap Box” shall be installed – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The supply pipe shall be 22 mm rear entry – model HUTB22[1]. A separate servicing valve must be provided by the installer to enable maintenance of the assembly and appropriate backflow protection is required. Where the application is no greater than Fluid Category 3, a Double Check Valve Assembly shall be fitted, which where appropriate shall be fitted inside the thermal envelope of the building. When used to supply a porous irrigation hose, the manufacturer’s DB Pipe Interrupter and Hose Shield shall be provided – model DB20ILS15[2]. A weatherproof padlock with two keys shall be provided to secure the hinged lid – model SP35[3].

Amend as required
[1] 15 mm rear entry – model HUTB15
[1] surface (bottom) entry – model HUTBSXX [where XX, 15C (15 compression), 20 or 25 (MDPE)]
[1] top entry – model HUTBT15
[2] Delete if not required. For 20 mm hose (22 mm Tap Box) code DB20ILS20
[3] Delete if not required or combination padlock available – model SPCP1

Data Sheets


hutbgdatasheet-4.pdf (646.97 KB)


Installation Guide

hutbgommanual.pdf (492.40 KB)


Approval Certificate

HUTB-HUTG-SPTB-2001738-1-2.pdf (2.12 MB)