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Water Regulation Compliant Isolation Valves

Our range includes bypass valves (BPVs), which enable a supply of mains water in the event that a pump set fails or is switched off for maintenance purposes. They ensure that water flow continues to the system at mains pressure, which is often sufficient for domestic purposes. Traditionally, BPVs are thought to be a source of stagnant water and a backflow danger. However, our products have minimal volume and the water is flushed on either side by the flow to the cistern and from the pump. We also offer branch valves (BRVs). Designed to comply with the Water Regulations, these solutions consist of a low head-loss double check valve and a full-bore servicing valve. In addition, we supply filter balls, which are used to protect against particles circulating within pipe systems. When valves are closed for inspection, filter balls isolate the flow of water, eliminating the need to shut the supply off elsewhere.

You can see our full range of isolation products on this section of our website, and if you have any questions about these solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team by phone or email. Datasheets:

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Arrow Valves have a thorough understanding of the current Water Regulations and how the Water Supply Industry is interpreting them - call for guidance or click for online resources including tutorials and our BIM model library

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Our in-house servicing team and on the road engineer are dedicated to maximizing product longevity and minimizing on-site interruption

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