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Pipe Int. DB HUSHIELD 1/2" Hose Connector

DB Pipe Interrupter Assembly provides the tap with Fluid Category 4 backsiphonage protection. The DB20ILS15 assembly includes: male outlet, DB256 Pipe Interrupter, hose connection shield, brass hose plug (compatible with Hozelock).
Product Code: DB20ILS15
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Additional Information

Hose Union Products - Fluid Category No
Hose Union Products - Installation No
Hose Union Products - Material No
Hose Union Products - Retractable Shelf No
Hose Union Products - Inlet Size DN20
Hose Union Products - Outlet Size DN15


Fits to 3/4" male outlet from Tap Box and provides Fluid Category 4 protection, includes HUG791575M option.

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Specification Clauses

Every Hose Union Tap shall be fitted with a DB Pipe Interrupter, suitable for fluid category 4 backsiphonage protection – model DB20IL22[1] - as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The device shall be fitted vertically and at least 300 mm above the spillover level. No valves must be fitted downstream of the device. The body of the valve shall be chrome plated brass with DN20 female inlet and DN20 male outlet fitted with a quick release hose connector[2]. Amend as required [1] DB20IL15 (DN20 female inlet, 15 mm male outlet with hose connector) [1] DB15M256 (DN15 male inlet and outlet) [1] DB20M256 (DN20 male inlet and outlet) [1] DB20FM256 (DN20 female inlet and DN20 male outlet) [2] Specify the desired pipe connections